Jessica Tunick Berens

Soprano, voice teacher, massage therapist

Voice Lessons

My guiding principle as a teacher is that everybody is born with the ability to sing! As a teacher, I seek to connect (or reconnect) my students with their innate natural abilities and help them to optimize their singing.

When we sing from a place of total relaxation, then we can "get out of our own way", allowing the breath, mind, and voice to do what they are naturally capable of--this is when we do our very best singing.

I work with students of all ages, regardless of musical style and ability, to achieve this relaxation in practice and in performance. Additionally, I teach students the musical theory, history, diction, and technique that they need in order to realize their full musical potential.



I can give lessons from my home in Lincoln, or I can come to you! Below are my rates and policies: 




30 minute lesson


45 minute lesson


60 minute lesson 

Quarterly (13 wks/quarter)


$351 ($27 per lesson)


$481 ($37 per lesson) 


$546 ($42 per lesson) 

Monthly (4 1/3 lesson/mth)


$129 ($30 per lesson)


$172 ($40 per lesson)


$193 ($45 per lesson)


Due to Student Vacation/Illness… 
One free makeup opportunity per quarter…extra makeups will cost 1/3 of the normal lesson cost.

Due to Teacher Vacation/Illness…
Lessons missed will be made-up ASAP at students’ convenience.  If this isn’t possible, missed lessons will be credited to the next billing period.

Due to the nature of piano teaching, I do not currently offer any type of refund due to student-missed lessons.

If there are 2 or more students in the same nuclear family, arrangements may be made to have the second (and more) students pay a lowered rate. If more than one student in the family is taking lessons with me, missed lessons by one student are not transferable to another.

A $25 credit will be put toward your next payment for every new student that you refer to the studio.

In the case of financial hardship, it may be possible to make other arrangements.

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